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Journal Writing for Self-Care and Emotional Wellbeing - Dr. Nicole Monteiro

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

~ Maya Angelou




Do you struggle with self-love and self-compassion?

Do you find it hard to establish goals and know how to get what you want out of life?

Are you feeling stuck in some area of your life?

Do you wish you had a proven and systematic way to understand your emotions and help you clarify your deepest desires?

BRAND NEW: Journaling for Self-Care and Emotional Wellbeing Course

This transformative course will help you to harness the power of journaling to achieve emotional health and wellbeing and tap into your deepest desires. You will learn techniques for greater clarity, personal growth, and mental focus.

For many people, taking the time to reflect on their life, relationships and emotions can seem out of reach. They may feel it's a luxury to be able to write the script that they envision and want for themselves. However, embarking on a guided journaling journey and taking time to understand your inner self through writing is an important form of self-care and holistic wellness...AND a path to personal growth and success.

JOURNALING is a holistic activity that stimulates both the right and left sides of the brain, giving you direct access to your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This self-paced journaling course will guide you through hands-on, integrative journaling exercises that promote wellness and help you gain a powerful connection to your inner thoughts and feelings. You will feel empowered and inspired to plan and build the life you envision for yourself.

You may have heard that most highly successful people - including high-profile celebrities, business people, and individuals at the top of their professions - cite regular journaling as an important tool they have used to gain emotional clarity, psychological focus, and motivation to achieve their goals.

But do you know that journaling is also used by coaches, therapists, and other healers to help people gain insight into why they are feeling stuck and unsure? Journaling can help you discover your strengths and find emotional clarity and psychological freedom. 



Yes, YOU can recharge and transform your life using journaling. Journaling can be used to deepen self-knowledge and emotional awareness, get some distance from overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and improve your mood. It can assist you in reaching your goals by getting you into the habit of writing what's deep in your heart and putting your plans down on paper.<p "="">Journaling can empower you to:

  • Develop a sense of clarity about yourself
  • Better understanding your emotions
  • Set goals and make plans
  • Get in touch with your desires
  • Release trauma and develop alternative narratives
  • Develop a healthy mindset
  • Find a sense of purpose in your life


The information in this course and its transformative power is worth thousands of dollars,  but it's being offered now for significantly less.

The story of this course is both personal and professional for me. In some ways, the path of my clients is also my own path.

I'm a licensed psychologist, but it still took me years of research and reading to learn exactly how to use journaling in this life-changing way. But you'll get to where I've been able to progress and where my clients are within just a few weeks of getting started if you work consistently.

Although I've been journaling for self-care and emotional wellbeing for years, I still remember the pain of having so many thoughts swirling around in my head and so many feelings on my heart and wanting to find a way to get them out so I could use them for my personal growth. I can still relate to the boding sense of not knowing how to connect my desires, goals, and purpose.

I still work with clients who are looking for tools to use outside of therapy that can aid them in their healing and growth. They want specific activities that help them to bring out their inner-most experiences and express things that they can't easily talk about in counseling. Through journaling, they have been able to gain a new perspective on old pain and conflicts that had been holding them back. They have been able to open up more in counseling. They have been able to improve their self-esteem and develop self-compassion and self-love.

I have also coached many clients who were able to use an individually crafted journaling practice to conquer self-doubt, self-criticism, and lack of direction.

When I asked my clients how much the information in this course is worth, many of them quickly respond, "it's worth thousands of dollars!" I have seen people transform their lives by using my holistic approach to journaling.

How will this course help me / why should I choose it?

This course will help you to transform your life by using simple, yet powerful writing tools to feel better and improve your overall wellbeing, understand yourself and your desires and reach your goals.

Time is limited, so act now!


  • Novices and experienced writers who want to achieve clarity, self-awareness and a sense of wellbeing
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs who want to achieve their business goals and develop their self-leadership skills
  • People who are looking for a self-paced, guided addition to the healing work they are already doing
  • People looking for real strategies to get out of a rut that has them feeling stuck and unmotivated
  • People who want to gain insight into their desires, dreams and how to manifest their purpose

What you'll get:

6 Modules that include recorded lessons and detailed writing exercises that teach you to:

  • Develop a journaling ritual that is meaningful and sustainable for you
  • Let the words and thoughts flow, breaking through some of the defenses that may hold you back
  • Be truthful and honest with yourself
  • Use your journaling in your own counseling, coaching, or other healing and growth work you are doing
  • Learn not to criticize yourself and what you write
  • Reach your goals through journaling
  • Not be afraid of dreaming big and naming your desires


  1. Ritualize: Establishing and Maintaining Your Journaling Practice
  2. Authentically You: Developing Your Narrative and Finding Your Authentic Voice
  3. Compassionately You: The Path to Self-Love
  4. New You: Banishing Self-Doubt and Building Self-Confidence
  5. Your Healing Journey: Writing Through Past Trauma
  6. Your Plans, Your Dreams: Writing Your Way to Success