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Relationships are the most fulfilling parts of our lives. Yet, so many women struggle to find the love they desire and know they deserve.


Most women today have fears about how to choose the right person. Or, they worry about how to make their relationship last.


Besides not knowing what a healthy relationship looks like, it can be hard to know if you’re doing the right thing in your relationship. 


You WANT a good relationship, but you find yourself caught up in the same pattern of unhealthy hook-ups, being ghosted, or toxic love.


You keep getting inundated with outdated information from the "relationship gurus"  and drowned in a sea of well-meaning, but useless advice from friends and family. All of this keeps you feeling stuck.


So, you either give up on love or you keep doing the same things that have gotten you where you are now - pessimistic and hopeless about dating, relationships, and love.


What are you supposed to do?


Let's pause and think for a second... 

Have you ever thought about the negative effect of chasing love from others before finding love within? Of not having real self-love?


Now it goes without say that the best love is self-love, but how many of us really take the time to see where we are lacking in self-love?  How many of us take the time to make sure we are able to attract healthy partners and love?

Here's another question: Have you ever been educated about the importance of healthy boundaries?


Yes, that's right, healthy boundaries and self-love are the keys to having healthy relationships!


Self-love and healthy boundaries lead to bliss in your life and relationships. 

I created the boundaries to bliss blueprint because I needed it in my own life. And then I saw how much it helped the female clients I was working with who suffered from low self-worth, lack of confidence, not trusting relationships, and not knowing how to trust themselves.


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Hi, I’m Dr Nicole Monteiro

Licensed Psychologist and Your Boundaries to Bliss Coach


I have helped hundreds of women ignite self-confidence through boundaries and self-love. Introducing women to this blueprint has transformed their lives.


It has even changed the way I view relationship coaching and success.


I have walked women through the process of healing their past traumas, becoming the best version of themselves in all areas of their life, and finally being able to embrace the healthy love they desire.


After working with so many different women, I knew I was on to something. I knew I had secrets and a process that so many other women could use...

Dr. Nicole Monteiro, Your Boundaries to Bliss Coach

Helping women to transition from a place of feeling lost and hopeless about love to hopeful and successful in their relationships. I help women who are finally ready to win at love. 

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Introducing Dr. Nicole's Exclusive 7-Step Blueprint for healthy boundaries, self-love, and thriving relationships.


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Here's Exactly What's Waiting For You Inside This Incredible Ebook,

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Discover the seven-part framework for creating boundaries and bliss for yourself



Learn how to build an irresistible aura of self-love around yourself and become a healthy love magnet




Discover how to stop comparing yourself to others and feeling like an imposter when it comes to relationships



Find out how you can stop engaging in toxic relationships that bring you only stress and heartache



                                                & More 

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Once you master and understand my framework, you can use it to build self-love and apply healthy boundaries in all of your relationships.

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Imagine never having that feeling again of not being good enough...of feeling like you just don't understand how healthy, lasting relationships are supposed to work. 

Imagine finally understanding why you haven't been able to find the deep self-love and healthy romantic relationships you have wanted.

Now, with my framework, you will be able to unlock the secrets to getting those things in their life, by following the blueprint. 

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Here's what some of the women I've helped have said after working with me: 


Your program gave me tools I can use that have really helped me in my relationships.

- Vonn D.


I'm so glad I found a relationship coach who understood boundaries and self-love. It made a huge difference for me.

- Jennifer S. 



I didn't know what I was missing until Dr. Nicole showed me the missing pieces of the relationship puzzle. gave it to me.

- Haleemah R.

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