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Beating Back the Burnout in Your Life

burnout Apr 17, 2022

Burnout is a topic that's dear to my heart. I was on the brink of burnout several years ago. So, not only do I want to talk to you about this from a professional perspective, but also from a personal perspective.

You might actually be questioning or asking yourself if you're experiencing burnout. And that's a great thing because self-awareness is so important.

You’re hearing a lot about burnout because so many people are burning the candle at both ends of the stick – and so many people's lifestyles are leading to burnout.

So, the first thing I want to tell you is that anybody can experience burnout.

And we are literally all at risk now because so many of us are working around the clock without a lot of separation between home and work. And that's one of the main risk factors – not having a clear separation between all of your work and the rest of your life.

The other thing is that our identity is so wrapped up in our profession and what we do for so many of us. And that’s understandable because we work hard for it, right?

But a lot of times what happens is we put so much of our energy and our self-worth and our identity into our work, and being caretakers and doing stuff for other people that we have very little left for ourselves.

And that puts us at risk for burnout.

When we look at signs of burnout, one of the biggest misconceptions is that burnout will be something that is first felt physically,

So one of the things that I always tell people is that burnout starts in the mind before it even touches the body.

Signs of mental burnout include:

  • your perspective might shift
  • you may feel pessimistic and negative
  • you may feel overwhelmed and unappreciated
  • you have a sense of you just don't care or are uninterested in the things that you used to enjoy
  • you have feelings of nervousness and fear of uncertainty

If you stay in a state of burnout for too long, it can become a way of being and a way of life. And it can become so normalized, that you don't recognize it.

But we all know that the last thing we want is for a state of burnout, complete fatigue, or complete exhaustion to become so normal, that we are used to it or don't recognize it.

And, yes, we want to get rid of burnout. But we also want to go to that next level. We want to be able, to build bliss in our lives, build a sense of being present, enjoying our families and our lives, right?

Even when things aren't completely perfect, we want to be able to really be present and experience life in a healthy and happy way.

And, those are things you can achieve, first, by recognizing the problem, and second, by giving yourself permission to take things off your plate and prioritize yourself more.

Watch the video for more tips...

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