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Do You Believe in Unicorns?

boundaries burnout feminine energy mindset Aug 26, 2022

I have a question for you. Do you believe in unicorns? I believe in unicorns,  And I hope I can convince you to believe in them too!

So, let me back up and tell you first that a lot of my writing takes place at night after I'm relaxed and in my zone. It's then that I reflect on all the places I find myself where I am a bit of a unicorn. As a Black female tenured professor, I am one of just a handful on campus. So in a sense, yes, I am a unicorn in that setting. And when I think about my life and the places I've been able to see and go, I can see how I represent the thing that wasn't supposed to happen or wasn't supposed to exist.

I want you to be able to tap into your inner unicorn energy, knowing that you have done or become what seemed impossible at some point.

Here's how I started to believe in unicorns. I was about 11 or 12 years old. At the time, my mom was earning her Master's degree at the University of Southern New Hampshire.

It was about a 12-hour drive from Pennsylvania, and I got to go with her a few times. It was a great bonding time as we drove through beautiful farms and pastures. On one of our trips, I was looking out the window and saw a unicorn. Really, I saw a unicorn! And I asked my mom to turn back around. I was crying and insistent as I belted out, "I saw a unicorn, Mommy. And I want you to see it too!"

Can you believe my mom actually turned back around? At first, I was upset because she also didn't see the unicorn. But the beautiful thing was she didn't make me feel silly for knowing in my heart that the unicorn was real.

And from then on, I didn't care what other people around me saw or didn't see, real or imagined! I knew that if I saw the unicorn, that meant it existed.

And I believe that's a symbol for all of us and how we can live more boldly.

One thing that many women struggle with is that they have been conditioned to be overly practical and limit themselves. They have been led to believe that their dreams and what they want for themselves should take a back seat to everyone and everything else.

Some women even believe deep down that they don't deserve to dream. They've been told that their dreams are like unicorns - they don't exist.

Do you know that you have to stretch your imagination beyond what you think is possible to reach your next level?

We all have to give ourselves permission to believe in unicorns again. We have to be intentional about channeling our inner carefree childhood selves.

It may seem impossible, but if you start with a few simple steps, you'll be able to expand your vision of what's possible for you.

So the first step is allowing yourself to do these things:

  • take off the superwoman cape and stop trying to do it all
  • create balance and healthy boundaries in your relationships
  • experience bliss and joy in your life
  • DREAM big

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