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The Seven Types of Intimacy You Need to Cultivate in Your Relationship

boundaries feminine energy relationships Aug 04, 2022

Let's discuss something vital to our lives and relationships - intimacy. I know you hear the word a lot. Still, we're going to dig into the different types of intimacy and, especially for women, what you need to do to cultivate or develop healthy intimacy in your relationships. 

What comes to mind when we hear about intimacy is sexual intimacy. But there are so several other types of intimacy that are just as important. They also play a part in how we experience sexual and physical intimacy. 

What is intimacy? Intimacy involves feeling close to, connected to, and supported by somebody else. It's also when a certain comfort, familiarity, and closeness develop between people. 

To have healthy intimacy with someone else, you must develop intimacy and comfort with yourself.

When you think about being intimate in a relationship, you probably think about the importance of feeling safe and a sense of trust and belonging. So all of those are key ingredients in connecting with another person. 

You should also keep in mind that physical intimacy and emotional and sexual intimacy are all different things. In order to feel sexually connected in a relationship, many women need emotional and mental connections and consistent non-sexual touch.

Have you heard the phrase that the biggest sexual organ for a woman is the mind

I've heard so many women say, "make me feel safe, make me feel valued mentally and emotionally, and make me feel heard and seen so that I can be more feminine with you." (You can learn more about feminine energy HERE)

That's why I always tell women that they must be careful when developing emotional intimacy with someone who is not healed or working on healing. You could be putting yourself in the position to create a trauma bond that can be hard to break.

So for women, the sexual and relationship connection encompasses so much about learning to express what you want and need. And at the end of the day, all of these types of intimacy start where? They start with you.

So, the seven core types of intimacy are:

  • sexual intimacy
  • physical intimacy
  • mental or intellectual intimacy
  • emotional intimacy
  • spiritual intimacy
  • experiential
  • conflict intimacy


I'm going to leave you with something my mom taught me from the time I was in middle school. She said, "Don't just like love yourself. Learn to like yourself."

Never be afraid to spend time alone, where you could go to a bookstore or go for a walk or do anything by yourself. Always enjoy your own company. And I take that to mean like always have to learn to be comfortable with intimacy with yourself. Honestly, you can't expect somebody else to do that if you cannot be with yourself. Right? So it's so important to start with intimacy with yourself. And then you can learn about all of these other types.

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